Tips and Ideas For an Awesome Office Christmas Party

Christmas party with officemates

In almost every company, an office Christmas party is part of the holiday season traditions. During this time, you and your co-workers can let loose, a little, together with your superiors or your bosses. It’s definitely a perfect way to get rid of stress and just enjoy.

Surely, the idea of attending a party is all fun and exciting but what happens when the responsibility of making the party true falls into your hands? Well, if you’re not really into planning and organizing parties then being assigned the task of throwing one for the office may seem ten times more painstaking. Thankfully, we’ve compiled awesome tips and ideas to serve as a guide in doing your task.

Christmas Party Checklist

  • Choose the date.

First and foremost, check the dates when majority of your coworkers and bosses are available. You do not want to schedule a party on a date when only 5 members of the company can go. As a rule, it would be best for you and the rest of the office to agree on a specific date.

  • Book the place.

Determine the venue of the party. Will it be in the office? Or would it be better spent in a function hall? Canvass online or ask for suggestions from your coworkers, friends, or family. Make sure you reserve the place for the agreed date.

  • Decide on a theme.

Incorporating a theme to a party always makes it extra fun. Perhaps, you can go for a white Christmas or a masquerade-themed Christmas. Basically, you will still need input from your coworkers with this one.

how to celebrate Christmas in office

  • Agree on the menu.

Ask if anyone in the office is vegan or vegetarian; just try to know what they want to eat and drink during the party. Do this in case your superiors have any special food requests or whatsoever.

  • Prepare activities.

List a number of games or activities that would be fun to play during the party. Games and activities like the following are recommended:

  • Karaoke
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Jenga
  • Twister
  • Exchanging of gifts
  • Trivia games

Overall, do your best to gather information and data from your coworkers and bosses especially when it comes to the food, date, and activities for the party.

Day of the Party

The day of the party is also your judgment day as a planner/organizer. To complete your mission, don’t forget to set the place up. Make sure a sound system is present and that you have the right Christmas playlist to go along with it. Furthermore, make sure the place is suitable for the celebration; that means, the place should also have Christmas decors and lights. Using Christmas projectors would also be perfect as it is very quick and effective.

How Much Does Hiring a Lawyer Cost?

importance of hiring lawyers

Legal issues are extremely diverse. There are so many issues that surround the litigation process. In order to sail through legal issues, legal representation is critical. But legal representation comes at a fee. How much fee should one pay when hiring a lawyer? The cost of hiring a lawyer is dependent on various elements. Voiceglo lists them below:

1. A lawyer’s level of experience

The number of years a lawyer has been in practice dictates the cost charged. The more the experience, the higher the cost of hiring a lawyer. This is because an experienced lawyer is associated with high levels of intellectual capacity in different legal areas. An experienced lawyer’s services are also demanded more making the cost higher.

2. The billing structure and category of the legal matter

The cost of hiring a lawyer is determined by the billing structure employed. The billing structure depends on the type of legal matter in question. However, news has that in some states, court fees are increasing even for civil cases as well. Anyhow, the usual billing structure when hiring a lawyer involves:

Hourly basis

This is a widespread method of computing how much a lawyer should be paid. The amount a lawyer receives is equivalent to the number of hours he/she dedicates to a case. Cases in which the cost is paid on an hourly basis include:

· Family law

· Estate planning

Contingency fee

This fee represents an agreed upon percentage of a settlement which the lawyer gets once a jury determines a case. In most situations, a lawyer receives a contingency fee only when a complainant wins a case. Common cases in which contingency fee is applicable are:

· Personal injury litigation

· Patent infringement litigation

Flat fee basis

In this case, the amount incurred by a lawyer’s client is paid in advance. The amount paid is fixed. It is not affected by the number of hours a lawyer spends on a case. A flat fee applies in scenarios where the litigation process is not complex. Such cases include:

· Corporate establishments

· Unchallenged divorce matters

· Trademark filings’

cost to hire a lawyer

3. Location of legal services

The location in which a lawyer is situated determines the amount charged. In an urban setting, the cost of hiring a lawyer is high. In most cases, an hourly cost of $500 is charged. In a rural setting, the cost is relatively low and goes for approximately $200 on an hourly basis. A low clientele and little competition keeps the cost down.

4. The size and reputation of the law firm

Working with a lawyer from a law firm that is very big and has earned reputation and recognition as a credible institution is very costly. This is in contrast to hiring a lawyer from a small and less recognized law firm. Hiring a lawyer who practices independently would also cost less. If the nature of the legal issue is very diverse and involving, it is better to work with a lawyer from a big and renowned. As much as the cost of hiring may be high, it is worth it because adequate legal expertise will be rendered.

In conclusion, the cost of hiring a lawyer should be known prior to legal representation. The above discussed elements should be factored in in order to have comprehensive understanding of the total cost to be incurred. Hiring a lawyer is important whether you’re starting a small restaurant business or if you’re caught in a divorce case; lawyers that practice family based law at Arthur Duke are a good choice of legal representatives.